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In the transcript, the former top swim recruit describes an assault after having consensual sex with an unidentified man.

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the guy told me his name & then he pulled down his pants & put on a condom & just knew i was screwed ..."Menu Courey went on to describe the assault in detail, mentioning that she tried to reach a friend and former boyfriend on the phone during the assault:"...But those same protections do not extend to campus administrators, who at Missouri were made aware of claims that Menu Courey had been raped through several sources, including a 2012 newspaper article as well as the university's review of records when fulfilling separate records requests by her parents and "Outside the Lines."Under Title IX law enforced by the U. Department of Education, once a school knows or reasonably should know of possible sexual violence it must take immediate and appropriate action to investigate or otherwise determine what happened.The law applies even after the death of an alleged victim.For most of 2010, Missouri swimmer Sasha Menu Courey harbored a secret: She believed she'd been raped by a football player.Late that year, her life spiraling downward, Menu Courey began to share her secret with others, including a rape crisis counselor and a campus therapist, records show.She was from Toronto, where she began swimming in grade school, and by her teenage years was considered a top prospect for the Canadian national team.

At age 16, distraught over a breakup with a boyfriend, she attempted suicide by taking several Tylenol pills before calling an ambulance. Counseling ended after a few sessions, and she continued to excel in both the pool and in school. She was sidelined her freshman year due to an NCAA eligibility question related to her Canadian education, but was a straight-A student and named the university's Student Athlete of the Week the first semester of her sophomore year.

Missouri officials have told "Outside the Lines" the information is insufficient for them to bring to law enforcement or to investigate under Title IX."The chat transcript was not very clear about the situation and didn't identify anyone else involved, nor did it give any indication that Sasha had reported the situation to anyone," Chad Moller, athletic department spokesman, wrote in a letter to "Outside the Lines" in December.

He said information about the alleged rape reached athletic officials only after she died."No one on the coaching staff ...

A friend said he has seen a videotape of the alleged incident that corroborates the basics of what she told medical officials, and that three Missouri football players actually were involved.

Lynn Courey, mother of the late swimmer, said she wants Missouri to share the materials it has gathered and other potential evidence with law enforcement. "Without a doubt."Sasha Menu Courey, a sprinter and relay specialist, swam at Missouri from 2009-11.

In the ensuing months, a campus nurse, two doctors and, according to her journal, an athletic department administrator also learned of her claim that she had been assaulted.