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Denelle Wicht, Mr De Haven's sister, wrote: 'Dear friends and family, my handsome athletic big brother was killed today in a plane accident while on his "once in a lifetime " trip to Australia.'It was a charter flight with two of his friends flying to another island to play golf.'Mr Garland's company CLEAResult said staff were 'heartbroken' to hear of his death. The plane suffered 'catastrophic engine failure' shortly after takeoff, according to emergency workers, and the pilot put in mayday calls before crashing into the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) shopping centre.'Glenn was an inspirational leader who co-founded our company with a unique vision for the vast potential of the energy efficiency industry. King Island is a popular destination for golfers, with two of its courses ranked in the top two in Australia.

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Russell Munsch, 62, who was also from Texas and a founding partner of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr law firm, has been named among the dead by relatives.Five people were on board the Beechcraft charter plane bound for King Island, Tasmania, when the aircraft crashed on Tuesday about 9am.Max Quartermain, 63, a pilot from Melbourne who owns Corporate and Leisure Aviation with his wife Cilla, is believed to have been flying the aircraft at the time.Passerby Peter Scullin told The Age the scenes were like 'special effects' in a movie.'The ball of flame went 30 or 40 feet into the air.We got out to see whether the outside of the car had had any paint blistering,' he told the paper.'And we thought "My God, how lucky are we that we are still here? We both looked at each other and thought that was the closest to death we are going to come.'A wheel ended up on the Tullamarine Freeway, and the lanes were closed so investigators could preserve debris that landed on the road.City Link said inbound roads between M80 Ring Road and Moreland Road remained closed but outbound lanes had reopened about 11am.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Premier Daniel Andrews said it was the worst civil aviation accident Victoria has seen in 30 years.

Lunch times at my house pretty much means mess, or it means playtime.

It’s amazing how a very innocent vegemite sandwich can act as a painting tool for a one year old .

Luella has mastered the art of breaking out of her high chair so I sit her on the ground to eat, which we all know means ‘free to roam and do as she pleases’ because taming a toddler is not the easiest of tasks. We’re inviting 25 readers to have lunch with us at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne on Tuesday September 16th.

So it probably comes as no surprise that I’ll jump at any opportunity to get dressed up and have lunch with adults , where there are no vegemite sandwiches in sight. This week I’ll be meeting with 24 readers at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast for a 3-course lunch, and I’m so excited about it. I’ve visited Melbourne four times but seem so very little of it, only traveling for business, that I can’t wait to sit down for a long lunch and soak Melbourne up for a while…

I know I won’t get smeared with food, or have to stop halfway through my meal to get someone a drink, or a piece of fruit or save the lounge from being decorated in food. I’ve wrapped the gifts for each guests, and I’ll already picked out my outfit .