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Married dating in crystal lake illinois

Today, over 1,000 people have visited each city through the program.Pleased with the result, Tom started working on a second Sister City partnering in 2011 with Mudu, China located outside of Shanghai.

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David’s customer service philosophy is to educate his customers so that they understand what they are purchasing, why they are purchasing it, and how it best fits their needs.“The only way to do this is by getting to know my customers and listening to them, instead of using some sort of cookie-cutter approach that places everyone in the same category,” he states.Outside of work, David enjoys staying active with flag football, golf, running, and summer softball.He is still proud of the hole-in-one he shot in Scotland!Email Tom: [email protected] Area Vice President for Neis Insurance Agency, Chris provides exceptional service for commercial insurance as well as auto and home.Chris’s networking with the Chamber developed into a career opportunity at Neis Insurance in 2004.

Chris serves on the Crystal Lake Chamber Board of Directors, is one of the founding members of the Chamber’s Young Professionals Group, and chairs the Chamber’s networking group program.

While in high school, Tom’s family moved to Crystal Lake, where he put down new roots and forged more friendships.

Tom attended Illinois Wesleyan University and become actively involved in university government.

He has a large family and enjoys spending time with and spoiling his niece and nephews.

Email David: [email protected] joined Neis Insurance in 2010.

It was also at Illinois Wesleyan that Tom met his wife, Marilyn Thies Neis.