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Mark kanemura dating

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On a side note, I’m very grateful to be here, and have power, and cable for tonight. Nigel says they gave great lines, and talks about how Kiki and Jenna kiss at the end of every routine. 6) Logan- Infinity Street Logan’s inspiration is his sister.

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Hey, if it ain’t broken…5) Kiki and Jenna- Jazz with Ray Leeper- Proud Mary Jenna hopes for sexy Jazz this week. Vanessa thought it was a blast, and thought they were really clean. Mary says “learn, earn, and get a return”, and he deserves every thing he’s gotten… I guess we’re not talking about how not Jazz that was? – Click to Watch Performance and Solo VIDEO You can vote for KIKI!He’s excited to dance contemporary finally with Allison. It starts out with minimal lighting, and they are wearing mostly black. She says Logan always blows her away, and Allison “WOW”.She says they were both on fire tonight, and she loved the floor crawl at the end. Nigel says Logan’s technique is undeniable, but he still wants more emotion and vulnerability from Logan. – Click to Watch Performance and Solo VIDEO12) Kiki- Summertime Dance runs in Kiki’s family. She says Koine made it look like a walk in the park. It’s almost impossible to get emotional to this song. Nigel says one of his favorite openers was by Mark, and he says this was a lovely routine.Each of the judges picked two of their favorite performances.All had great picks and a few were some of my favorites. It’s two doors with a bar and a “hanger”, which allows for some cool tricks, and impressive visuals. A really strong dance with more than a few WOW moments. Nigel calls the choreography “thoughtful and creative”.

A very cool dance that feels like it has something to say. Vanessa says it had a groove that was undeniably cool, and she loved watching it.

But there can be these little moments that are manic and feel like he’s trying to think of the next power move to do.

It adds to his overall “uniqueness”, and while I liked this, I still gotta give the edge to Logan.11) Logan and Allison- Contemporary with Dee- The Other Side Logan likes that this is a very dark piece. I don’t think Allison and Logan have quite the connection some of the other All-Stars have, but they’re both incredible dancers, so I’m not sure that mattered too much here. Vanessa thanks Dee for the sexiest contemporary routine she’s ever seen.

Tonight we were treated to a Mia Michaels group number…which was amazing. Also, loved that she took the time to sit with each of the top 4 to discuss their journey.

I really hope that if there is another season that Mia will return to choreograph.

It’s just fine, but I wouldn’t call it back, if you know what I’m saying. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO9) Taylor and Robert- Hip Hop with Keone and Mari-Numb and Getting Colder They talk about Nigel wanting Taylor to find those extra special things. Nigel says they are two of his favorite choreographers. Vanessa says it was one of her favorite Taylor routines. She says Taylor is a star, and makes Mary happy she became a dancer.