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Mame updating game list

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:: Runs Star Wars Battlefront :: @ECHO OFFD: CD "\Star Wars Battlefront\Game Data""Star Wars Battlefront.exe" The last three lines of information are also scanned by the frontend in an attempt to monitor which executable(s) was opened.This feature allows the frontend to quit all of the executables when prompted to do so when the user presses the PREVIOUS/QUIT EXECUTABLE key.

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Detailed information about creating batch files can be read about here.You must then place the "chankast-launch.exe" and support files within the Chankast directory.Launch "chankast-launch.exe" and update the preference panel to the location of DAEMON Tools, set the keycode for the virtual drive that DAEMON Tools creates (usually drive: "K" or "J") and set the exit key for the wrapper.Simply have the frontend link to the "chankast-launch.exe" instead of Chankast, set your media location in the frontend and you should be ready to play.DAEMON Tools supports nearly every disc image format available.have you tried renameing the current to something else..old_ Game Ex has only been tested with the newer versions of the official Windows MAME, MAME32 and Advance MAME.

Tell us if this works for you cause my MAME is different.

Creating a batch file is easy and only requires a text editor such as Notepad.

Simply create a text file (.txt) and rename the extension to batch format (.bat).

So if anyone asks, Which version of mame works best for romnation roms that I can use with Game Ex?

The frontend will currently manage the following emulators and executables below.

Below is an example of a batch file to open the PC game Star Wars Battlefront. Those lines indicate the drive, executable path, and executable to open when the batch file is launched.