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Love sex and deception the chronicles of online dating

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In the course of the investigation, Delaware eliminates the obvious clues and discovers a greater evil than he imagined.

Delaware has a friend, Milo Sturgis, who is a gay LAPD detective.Alex Delaware is a literary character created by Jonathan Kellerman.The Alex Delaware detective series begins with When the Bough Breaks, published in 1985.Detective Milo Sturgis urges Delaware to come out of retirement and interview a seven-year-old child who may have witnessed a crime.Sturgis appoints Delaware as a "special consultant" to the Los Angeles Police Department.In Blood Test, Alex Delaware acts as a consultant in the divorce and child custody case of Richard Moody, a bipolar and potentially dangerous father of two.

At the same time, Delaware is contacted by a former colleague, Dr.

Delaware sorts through a maze of clues to find the child.

In Over the Edge, Kellerman presents Delaware's back story as a researcher in the study "Project 160", that involved the treatment of gifted children.

He goes about his work by interacting sympathetically with the people he meets and by quiet, professional observation.

Kellerman says an empathetic psychologist is an ideal model for a detective." Kellerman introduces Alex Delaware, Ph. Kellerman characterizes Delaware as a successful (albeit retired) child psychologist suffering from burn-out after working on a case of systematic child molestation that culminates when the offender commits suicide in Delaware's office.

In Alex Delaware, Kellerman draws a hero who appears to be "a levelheaded, appealingly thoughtful guy".