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I'm a married man and wife doesn't know my desires for sucking another mans cock.

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Possible friend- cocksucking relationship wit right guy. I'm 5'8", very slender, semi-long brown/grey hair, have beard and wear glasses, am cut and 6-1/4" long when erect, average thickness, prefer you be cut as well. You must be willing to suck me as well and Plz - no real heavy people--sorry. I am still bi curious, but I want see if I like sucking a cock. I would like a man somewhere near my age and is bi curious also, has never sucked a cock also. I am married but wife is ready to watch me suck someones cock...We've gotten together several times in the 5 years we've been married and also have had a couple of other threesomes in which I have been able to join her in sucking cock.Its wonderful to have such an open and close relationship. All Male Threesomes I would love to have a guy fucking my ass (bareback of course) and another with his cock in my mouth at the same time.I will feel hot cum shooting deep inside my ass; I will get a delicious mouthful of cum from the cock I am sucking on; and then I will shoot my load into the mouth that is sucking on me. Would like to establish a similar discreet bi-c friendship with a married man living in Northern Virginia.First Time Cock My first time sucking a cock I about 10 years old. I still love suck cock.2 Cocks In 1 Ass Yes - Please I Want Two Cock's In My Ass As I am Sucking On One - Any 3 Guy's in Philly PA Interested in Putting a Small Party Together - Do Let Me Know When and Where and You Can Fuck Me With Two Cock's In My Very Sweet And Tight Ass - as I am Sucking and Getting My Face Fucked - Please I Want Your CUM-ME COCK's To Cum 4 Me - Again and Again Weekly In C. Philly PA, Interested - Check out My Profile and Say Hello Back Some Time, My Name is Dennis ...I love to cum multiple of times if you continue to play with the cock. So When I Do Find A Very Hot and Rock Hard COCK THAT I Do WANT To Be SUCKING Very Dry - This is What I Do - I Just Don't Try and be Swallowing all of That CUM-MME-COCK, I LOVE GOING SLOW AND Suck ING Very Hard and TAKE MY TIME Doing So, I DON'T want to MISS A DROP of any COCK'S and SO now I CAN ENJOY MY-Self and the TIME I can be SUCKING COCK'S Kiss Hug Flower I will say this even though this is fiction me and at least 3 of my highschool buddies have been enjoying especially me each others cock. The rest of us me being the only one not married would love to be exposed only because I have learned from the one that made me a real man meaning that even though I love sucking cock I am confident in myself my tutor told me that he sucked almost every one of our classmates.

Guess what him and I have been have reunions with each and every one of them they like sucking and being sucked wished I had known sooner. Oral fixation for cock but otherwise have no attraction to men. *Then he pushed me onto my knees and forced me to suck his big smelly old cock *god it turned me on to be used like some slut I’ve been addicted to sucking cock ever since.

4 EXAMPLE:-- I'd like to try sucking off 4 or more guys in a row cuz it would just be so damn hot and exciting. I was 32 years old before I was able to give in to the urges I had been having for 10-15 years to try it.

I have a few fantasies I will share only after I get to know and trust you better-some are definitely out there. I'm married but I love sucking cock and getting my cock sucked at least twice a month.

I would be interested in discussing a possible meeting.

I'm not a hung man rather an embarrassing small cock I want to be upfront with you on this if you're solely looking for big cock. I Do Yes, LOVE to be SUCKING ON ALL Kind's of Big and Thinck and very wet Sweet Yes COCK'S, Small One To Are OK?

I enjoy toys (all sizes), prefer bottom, am clean and desease free and you must be also. She is shy at first but a lot of fun once she opens up. Been thinking, fantasizing about having a a soft cock in my both, feeling it grow... I'm up for fun naughtier the better I am 5'11" tall,179lbs., light blond, good health, very clean person, in real good shape, very active in life style, retired. Like joegi13 I have also denied my-self the obvious pleasure oflicking and sucking another man's cock...