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The new paper was known as the Newstandard until 1985, when Associated Newspapers bought out the remaining stake, turning it into The Standard.In 1987 the Evening News was briefly revived to compete with Robert Maxwell's London Daily News, but was reabsorbed into The Standard later that year, after the collapse of Maxwell's paper.

On 21 January 2009, the Russian businessman and former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev and his son Evgeny Lebedev, owners of The Independent, agreed to purchase control of the newspaper at £1 for 64 percent ownership.The London Evening Standard (simply the Evening Standard before May 2009) is a local, free daily newspaper, published Monday to Friday in tabloid format in London.It is owned by Russian businessman and former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev.During the decade, the paper also began to publish the comic strip Modesty Blaise that bolstered the paper's sales throughout the 1970s.In 1980, Express Newspapers merged the Standard with Associated Newspapers' Evening News in a Joint Operating Agreement.This is all the more concerning because bias was concentrated in relatively prominent headlines and in news reports where readers are less likely to expect opinion to be mobilised." There were almost twice as many positive headlines about the Conservative candidate, Zac Goldsmith, as for his Labour rival, Sadiq Khan, with stories exhibiting the strongest bias against Khan also being the most prominent.

13 out of 15 official press releases from the Goldsmith campaign in the two months to 12 April were published as news stories in the paper, "reproducing headlines from the news release virtually verbatim", according to the study.

slightly later in more outlying areas (such as Kent).

A second edition, "West End Final", went to print at 3 pm, and the "Late Night Final" went to print at 5 pm and was available in the central area from about 6 pm There was often considerable variation between the editions, particularly with the front page lead and following few pages, including the Londoner's Diary, though features and reviews stayed the same.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

In support of the community at this difficult time, the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund has launched an appeal on behalf of residents.

Ex-editor Veronica Wadley criticised the "Pravda-style" campaign saying it humiliated the paper's staff and insulted its readers. Also in May 2009 the paper relaunched as the London Evening Standard with a new layout and masthead, marking the occasion by giving away 650,000 free copies on the day, with free circulation of 700,000, limited to central London.