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I didn't expect a porn conference to be the place where more than a half-century of scientific research would bear fruit.But two weeks after CES, I was on my way back to Las Vegas for porn's premier event.

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She quickly whipped out one of her sex toys and explained that one side was cast from her anus and the other from her vagina.On a side note, thanks to our tweets about Farrah’s upcoming appearance on Cam Soda and Farrah’s retweets and responses, we were tagged in a lot of the replies.Of course there were lots of “wh0re” comments and all that, which was to be expected.I should also point out that A LOT of those in attendance were first-time viewers who were there to see Farrah, and those folks probably just purchased the 200 tokens deal.Two other factors to remember are that it is still unclear just how much of the take Farrah will receive, although I am guessing it is a pretty high percentage given the incredible exposure she is bringing to the site.The chat room began filling up with notifications of viewers purchasing Golden Tickets as Farrah continued to make sweet oral love to herself and joke with the fellas in the chatroom.

After the Golden Ticket Show started, the free live stream went dead and Farrah quickly ratcheted up her show from PG-13 to XXX!

She was quite open in her book (and in her sex tape) that she often engages in anal intercourse, for one thing.

For another thing, it’s not as if she is dating new men every other week or whatever — which would be fine.

Farrah got completely naked and delivered on all the promotional promises of viewers getting to see her recently rejuvenated vuhjayjay — up close and personal.

Farrah spanked herself and used a vibrator as the tokens continue to pour in.

If you’re curious about just how much money Farrah made for her two hours of work, I did some rough math: Her first Golden Ticket Show had just over 300 viewers, and her second had just over 170.