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Although there may be implications from your daughters birth, the actual feelings from the birth do get easier.

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she had suffered bad metabolic acidosis with a lactate of 6.4.He was also supposed to have an MRI but they refused to sedate him and he refused to go in, which I thought was obvious was going to happen as he is only 3!So now we have to wait for another appointment to go in whilst under GA.The only thing they have come up with so far, is that it may be birth related.He turns 4 this month and its still with me, the not knowing and seeing his lifeless body there, while they were working on him. So I understand how you must be feeling so soon afterwards.Visit i Spy Live today for the hottest live web Free Porn Webcam Porn With Adult Web Cam Girls Nude Videos Amateur Sexcams Cam Welcome to Camster.

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She suffered a shoulder dystocia and there was a 6 minute delay in delivering her body all the time she was starved of oxygen.

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I just kept screaming please don't let her die and did not know for nearly 10 minutes if she would live or not.