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His big hands played with it and then he lowered his head and took me in his mouth.He said to pay attention so that I could do the same to Mario when he got back.

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Suddenly I felt Mario stick a finger in my asshole and I bit down on Pete's cock.Lets see what the little faggot has between his legs." Then this Pete guy pressed the knife point into my neck and growled at me, " Take off those fucking shorts now asshole, or you'll be dead meat on the side of the road." His breath smelled like vomit and I began to shake.I tugged my tight shorts down past my knees and the driver shot his big hairy hand between my thighs.He licked and sucked and I started to feel my dick swell. Then he stuck the tip of his finger in my ass and massaged my asshole. Pete must have heard me because he stopped and said, "You cute little fairy I can't wait to put my cock in your ass."Just then the door opened and the light nearly blinded me.Mario put down a bag of liquor bottles on the table and opened his jeans.Then he added, " And get something to grease this pig's ass."He left and I felt cold and began to cry because now I knew what they wanted to do to me.

Pete began to rub his hands over my chest and stomach.

Then he came over and pushed me onto the stained mattress and told me to suck on his massive cock.

The thought of me sucking another man's penis caused me to tremble with fear. "Bite me and I'll knock your teeth out", he growled.

He squeezed my penis and I pushed back into the seat as I tried to dislodge his hand.

His elbow came up and slammed my head back against the rear window. Pete laughed and said not to fuck with Mario because he liked to play rough.

Mario pushed me toward it as Pete fumbled with his pants.