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Some expats go there too because the music reminds them of places like the Stadium in Jakarta.

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The owners of La Favela and La Plancha have opened two new popular spots called La Laguna (laid-back beach club) and La Sicilia (bar club). For gays specifically: You should head to Jalan Dyana Pura to Mixwell, Bali Joe, and other places whose name I forgot.They have good events with international DJ about once in a month.Not too far from there, The Stones hotel also organizes regular events but it is almost always empty.Walking distance from Skygarden, you may walk into several other nightclubs or bars such as Eikon (popular with Australians), Engine Room, Bounty and Paddy's Pub (popular with Bogans), Vi Ai Pi (good for live music), MBar Go (Hip/Hop), Apache (reggae).All of them are normally busy as they are located in the heart of Kuta.Update 2015: I wrote a guide to the hottest nightlife spots in Kuta and Seminyak.

I could wax lyrical about the many beautiful cities I’ve visited (or have yet to visit), the natural beauty that exists in abundance, the fantastic foods, the wonderful people, the epic sporting confrontations, the quirks, the traditions, the holidays, the weather, and the thousand little things that slip my mind most of the time and then leap back into my mind on some random autumn morning here in China.(boiled silkworm larvae) in South Korea to the orgasmic lamb skewers in China’s Xinjiang province; sampling street food is a favorite way to embrace local culture and one of the first opportunities I afford myself to step away from tacky Western franchises and into the world I’ve placed myself in.

- To Party: Early in the night, Townhouse (European crowd), Huu Bar (Jakartans, Indo-Chinese).

After 2am, move to Mint, Jenja, Pyramid, Mirror / Gardin (Opened by the owners of Fable in Jakarta, the current trendy place, target the same crowd as Hu'u bar).

You can also check the new Track 9 where many expats hang out. - For Special events: Check the facebook pages of W Hotel (Silent Disco), Kudeta (White Party, Bikini Party, New Year Party), Potato Head, Cocoon (Hed Kandi, Splash Pool Party).

Update 2016: Hu'u is closed and replaced with Gatsby. Check also parties such as Disko Afrika or beach parties in La Plancha).

Jakartans usually prefer going to Motel Mexicola or Vin .