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More over it will do that for 6 different loads at the same time.Load Calculator is designed to be smart and user-friendly and it will provide Drivers and Dispatch professionals with higher productivity and efficiency.

Their extremely cooperative staff processes our requirements efficiently and always has suggestions to assist in selection.Extraordinary customer service and flexibility make Roadmiral the most cost-effective means of fleet management.Roadmiral’s monthly costs were by far most competitive for the offered services. Their E-Log Book and IFTA features saved as a lot of time and reduced insurance costs since we had 0 OOS violations.Truckers, trucking companies, tax preparers, and accountants all agree that the Roadmiral IFTA form is the best solution on market!Roadmiral IFTA Reporting Software is developed to save you time and money.Used by truck owners, transport companies or accountants feature will generate the quarterly report required by International Fuel Tax Agreement.

The application Roadmiral IFTA Reporting Software solution lets you audit driver miles to get a precise overview of your fleet activity and current tax liability, putting you back in control of your fuel taxes!

It is a central point for every day operations in every company.

Dispatch center improves operations, productivity and the fast, effective decisions that can reduce decision making times by more than 30% and lower wrong decisions by 42%.

The Roadmiral Route Planner is an intuitive web-based Routing Optimization Software for Fleet Management, Field Service Management, Mobile Workforce Management and Pickup/ Collection and Delivery companies.

Roadmiral organizes all of your travel plans in one spot, and builds local maps and driving directions, equipped with turn by turn route detail, based on your trip destination and real time traffic conditions. Meet Customer Expectations, including Time Windows, Service Time and special Skill Requirements in your Planning.

You can eliminate the cost of paper inspections, stay compliant with inspection regulations and save up to 20 minutes per day per driver.