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I really liked the little scene with Varys and Tyrion.

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Dany is CRUSHING HARD on Jon who is doing his best job of playing hard to get.The main thing to remember is that practically every bit of porn in the market exists in POV style, so it is smarter to decide and be set up for the self-evident.Regardless of whether you need to lure or need to get lured, VR will dependably be there for you.Your Westerosi correspondents Dan Miller and Pete Marsh have travelled from one side of Westeros to the other to bring you all the latest. Only continue reading if you've caught up on season seven, episode five: Eastwatch.DAN: I'm seeing echoes of the Mad King in two Tarly-sized smoking holes in the ground. I guess the Tarly men did have a choice though, but Game of Thrones is always happy to point out that sticking to your honour and duty will get you killed.Barely had Tyrion finished raising the prospect of smuggling himself into King's Landing to talk truce with Jamie, and he's there!

However, it wasn't a very brotherly reunion between the Kingslayer and Kinslayer.

The pair conceived a child, but we saw Lyanna died during childbirth and handed that son, Jon, over to Ned Stark. PETE: I've got no doubt that Dany will eventually find out.

Thus Jon is a Targaryen, the son of Prince Rhaegar and ultimately rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms! I suspect she'll react just like Cersei would should anyone try to challenge what she thinks is rightfully hers.

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But nope, he and Bronn swam an a-w-f-u-l-l-y long way in armour and remained unscathed to fight another day. It's hard to take anything Cersei says at face value (particularly straight after having a dodgy meeting with Qyburn).