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Linda hogan dating younger

Considering Linda has a solid decade-plus on the standard 35 year-old age range of most cougars, its fair game to introduce an advanced concept to the discussion at hand.

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In late 2009, Terry proposed to platinum blonde Jennifer Mc Daniel, a northern Kentucky-born, divorced former Cincinnati Airport-based Delta ticketing agent and Ft. Terry praises his new fiancée for her free spirit and religious disposition.After 24 years of marriage, Linda filed for divorce, allegedly because Terry cheated on her with their daughter Brooke’s friend.It was revealed that Terry had an affair with 33 year-old Christiane Plante in 2007 while his family was in the process of shooting a season of VH1’s Hogan Knows Best.In 2014, it was revealed Charlie was suing Linda for $1.5 million for doing too much manual labor in her home. Her role on the TV and her willingness to put her sexy body on display are among the many reasons that propelled the beauty to stardom.Jennifer, who is defended as a “real nice girl” by multiple sources on right pundits, is 36 years of age.

Even if their new squeezes resemble their former other halves, the important thing is that Linda and Terry are moving on and, presumably, happy.

After a bitter divorce with ex-husband of 24 years, WWE star Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan turned to a younger man to heal her divorce wounds.

The two began dating when Linda was 48 and toy-boy boyfriend Charlie Hill was just 19-years-old.

They were together for four years and appeared on VH1 reality show where Charlie proposed.

In 2012, Linda and Charlie called off their engagement stating that their lives were going in different directions.

Linda’s rise in popularity has enabled her to join the host of other TV personalities who enjoy roaring success in the industry. Read below: Born on 24 August 1959 in Miami, Florida, Linda Hogan birth name was Linda Marie Bollea.