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Anyone who has just finished a course of antibiotics within the last seven days or has had any type of infection within the last two weeks will be excluded from donating blood.If you’re gay and have recently had anal or oral sex with another man you’ll need to wait 12 months before giving blood.

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Anyone who has slept with a commercial sex worker will also have to wait 12 months before they can donate.However, in severe cases, if the stones have damaged the gallbladder, doctors advise patients to undergo gallbladder removal.It should be noted that the removal of the gallbladder can be easily adapted by the body.If you have been advised to undergo gallbladder removal surgery, you will want to know the effects of gallbladder removal.Here is information on the short as well as long term effects of removing gallbladder.If you’ve been feeling under the weather with a chesty cough, sore throat or an active cold sore you shouldn’t consider giving blood until you’re better.

Unfortunately you won’t be allowed to give blood if a member of your family has suffered with Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, a rare and fatal brain disorder.

However, there are some short and long term effects associated with it.

Let us take a look at the gallbladder surgery and the effects of gallbladder removal in detail.

For anyone who has ever received human pituitary extract (during fertility treatments or hormone treatments before 1985) you will not be eligible to give blood.

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