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Quick to cite is the current hide and seek game been played with the Mark Folley molestation of Congressional pager and terrorist detainee treatment.

The economy, according to President Bush, is strong and good. Is social security getting some boost or knock-down?Fact is that the republicans have the ability to raise more campaign funds more than the democrats. While the neo-conservatives will concentrate heavily on the fact that democrats have no plan on Iraq than to ‘cut and run.’All these drumbeats of politics will be laid to death by the electorates. they stick to their ancestral family party line and pattern of voting. But this is no longer the case because contemporary politicians have re-written the values which their loyal voters stand for to suit their novel and devil ideas.But the democrats will hammer more on the Iraq war and the culture of corruption pervading the U. Unfortunately, in my own opinion, a good number of American voters are not well-informed. For instance, the Republican conservative goals have been shifted over time.It is already a known fact that Texas Representative Ton Delay has vacated his seat in the Congress because of it. The DOW Jones is currently hitting the record peak of 12,000 plus which economists say is an indication of a robust economy.However, it has been pointed out that the only people who benefit from this increase are the corporate entities.Come November 7th, 2006 Americans will go to the polls to elect their representatives.

Several bloggers and political strategists have opinionated divergent views of what party is going to carry the Congress. These issues include security, economy, American values, homosexuality, abortion, ten commandments, social security, tax, immigration among others.

One, many American voters are not computer savvy and literate. So many of them have been voting the traditional way and are not quick to adapt to the new system.

Secondly, these voting machines return falsified or faulty glitches and punches resulting in dimpled votes.

That is why we are noticing some rumblings in the party’s rank and file.

Most Republicans who hold high their original values do not concur with the contemporary re-definition of these values by a few members.

A few ads have been contested by certain people claiming muddled up information against them and wanting to know the source of their opponents’ information.