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Any problems or issues Ive had Zombaio was quick to respond and solve all my problems." Daniel Poindexter "Great Profit for me using Zombaio processing.I have been in this business in 10 years using another processor, but after using Zombaio i thought even my other processor is a costly processor compared to Zombaio.

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Thanks for all of the help and great service, Vanessa @ Strip Me Down" marketing director "One of the most professional and courteous companies we have ever worked with.I have two websites processing with a third soon to go on line, if you are wondering whether to move your accounts to Zombaio, stop thinking about it just do it, you won't regret it.All relevant information for your account is easy to find and the payments to your bank are exactly as stated, on time!From the admin panel to little things like the iphone app....everything has been well thought out.With Zombaio you are getting a better billing processor and also saving a ton of money!It's really worth for the businessman to use Zombaio.

Worth of Profit and Worth in Charges - a great service. thanks Sameer Shaik" Sameer Shaik [email protected],org "I have been using Zombaio since they first appeared on the adult scene.

Have been in the business for 10 years and experienced the nightmare when another processor stiffed us for six-figures.

We currently use six different processors and consider zombaio equal to the other top processors, as the best in the business.

" Tony, "Zombaio is the best payment system on the internet. I highly recommend Zombaio for any business venture you may have.

Their customer service is second to none excellent." Jolee, "Zombaio are the most reliable card processors for adults I have ever found and their anti-fraud software has significantly reduced chargebacks compared to past companies I've used.

I always recommend Zombaio to online businesses, all of the time." Piper, Webmistress @ Gloryhole "Zombaio it's my best 3-rd party partner.