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From the descriptions in #27 and #28, it sounds like Magic Mouse swiping isn't working with 10.10.1.

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#23 is having the problem with both Chrome and so as to not conflate the new problem (magic mouse swiping) with the old problem (trackpad swiping).I'm seeing this as well, with two-finger swipe.Visual confirmation that the gesture has been recognized is still consistent, but sometimes does not in fact return to the previous page. I have to resort to actually clicking the back button near the address bar with the cursor, sometimes several times, to return to the last page.Please note that all merge requests must have been on or rolled into trunk for at least 24 hours to be considered for merging (to ensure full bot coverage and give an opportunity for any necessary reverts to occur). BUG= 414103 TEST=History swiping should work as expected with both magic mouse and trackpad.

Because history swiping direction is determined very early on in the life cycle of the gesture, this CL adds some logic to ensure that the direction isn't determined prematurely.

There are 3 different sets of callbacks generated by App Kit in response to swipe events.

@Eric -- The following revision refers to this bug: /97627459714233ddb254a877760d575c997068b0 commit 97627459714233ddb254a877760d575c997068b0 Author: erikchen Date: Thu Sep 25 2014 Mac: Fix history swiping bug on Yosemite.

Chrome Version 38.0.2125.122 Retina Mac Book Pro 10.10 (14A389) scootlex: The problem you're seeing is the problem first reported in this bug. When set to natural the two finger left right swipe works in reverse in Chrome, i.e. Changing the Scroll direction corrects this in Chrome.

It is fixed in M39, which should be released within the next couple of days. :-D If you're having trouble with Magic Mouse history swiping in Yosemite, it's probably because Yosemite by default turned that setting off. See I also noticed mixed behaviour using the TFS with switching tabs which was very confusing at first.

It expected to receive the begin Gesture With Event: callback before receiving any touches Moved With Event: callbacks. The new code stops using begin Gesture With Event: except to determine edge cases associated with the Magic Mouse, thus removing this implicit assumption.