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Learning difficulties dating

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It is, after all, much better that they choose what suits them, as some find a lunch in a gastro pub uncomfortable.

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We hope to break down old historical and cultural prejudices / barriers between people, and facilitate respect, full equality, understanding, friendship and unity between people.Stars In The Sky is a non profit making dating agency run by two women with learning disabilities for adults with learning disabilities. The subject of people with learning disabilities forming relationships (sexual or otherwise) has often been seen as taboo.SITS is committed to challenging this view and increasing opportunities for adults with learning difficulties to meet others and form relationships.As a result of the documentary, there is now a Stars in The Sky office in Hampshire.The Stars in the Sky dating agency is also featured in the 2012 Channel 4 documentary also made by Betty TV called The Undateables.The forming of friendships and romantic relationships is a vital part of one's life, of being human.

Loving relationships are an important part of the human condition.

Most are simply delighted to belong to a club where they are truly accepted and find others like them.

We are proud that our members are honest about themselves.

Yet disabled people continue to suffer discrimination in this area.

Many are deliberately deprived of these experiences, and this has had negative and harmful consequences for them and for society.

Members can take advantage of the Beyond Impairment scheme, where they receive support to identify what they really have to offer a potential partner and use this to attract, seduce and enjoy a relationship with them.