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Divorce courts are now allowing chat messages as legal evidence of affairs.“In the current society, extramarital affairs are not considered a shameful act as they should be by moral standards, and many third wheels are proud of themselves and even share strategies on how to win over the wives or husbands,” says Ming Li, an experienced marriage consultant.

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French, a 21-year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, died on the way to a hospital.This undated photo provided by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department shows Deputy Robert French.A gunman with an assault rifle shot and killed French, 52, and wounded two California Highway Patrol officers Wednesday, Aug.“In all the affairs we dealt with in 2014, about 15 percent were caused by social networking apps,” says Shu Xin, president of Weiqing Group, a local marriage consulting firm.“The trend will continue in 2015, and all kinds of ‘secret hookup weapons’ will probably become a frequent channel for affairs.” A third wheel was the major cause for three-fourths of Chinese divorce cases in 2014, according to data released at the summit.It will sample 100,000 people in 10 medium and large cities to conduct research on the current state of Chinese marriage, major threats to it, and suggested solutions, among other issues.

It is expected to be released before the end of this year.

For some people, such as 35-year-old John Zhang who works for a state bank, the apps are irresistible because they help him to be anonymous — and irresponsible.

“We all know what the apps are good at — hooking up with strangers,” he says.

“The legal cost for extramarital affairs is still small, which is a major reason for their popularity.” According to divorce lawyers, marriage law states that those at fault in a marriage, including husbands or wives engaging in extramarital affairs, get less of the shared property.

But the exact percentage is not specified and goes case by case.

So I try my best to prevent it by asking him to use our marriage photo as the profile picture.” Wang Yan, 66 Entrepreneur, married for 41 years “Sometimes I get random We Chat messages and even strange photos from people I have met only once or twice in a function, so I can see why some men may be seduced.