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Kissimee dating

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In addition, I have had numerous DNA testing from Ancestry DNA, 23andme et al . He had a relationship with Eveline (Evelyn) Coyle who gave birth to their daughter, Patricia in November 1945. I'm looking for "Roy" (maybe Brown, maybe Kendall) who was in Nottingham at age 7 -- born around 1945. My mothers name was Christine Mary Stamp/ nee Davies Update: Looking for my Bio Granddad. He got my Bio Grandma, Maria Zimmerer, pregnant with my Dad.

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My father in law was stationed with the US Army at Stuttgart.I do not know if the births occurred in France or in Germany. I do not know what went wrong and why all of a sudden I got the urge to know him.I do not know if the mother was a civilian or perhaps part of the French occupation force. Names- Elaine born 1953 in France and Jerry born 1954. I will never be complete Greetings to all My name is Bethel , am from Nigeria I have this.My Bio dad appears to be from North Carolina in USA. I am not looking to contact any family members that may still be here, but would love to know about my father and his life.I am looking for my biological mother's family.Hoping that her or a family member is searching as well.

Thank you [email protected] to locate the father of my step brother.

Edwards), he was stationed in the Philippines during world war ll. My father passed away in 2001 leaving no information behind except "word say". If I remember correctly the woman he was involved with name is Irena or something similar. His ship was USS Boxer and tied up at least once at Yokosuka Harbor July 29, 1952 (possible April 1953 Daughter).

He was involved with Magdalena and fathered a daughter. Ingeborg Kost-Kuschnig is searching for her white American father. If this story is true I would have a half sister or brother around the age of 42-43yrs old. only spot besides Paciic Ocean known to be at this time. Noel has passed but we would still like to meet our mystery sister and learn her story.

I am the daughter he fatherd with my mother Irene Nye. Our mothers were pregnant during the same time by David. Anyone know of hospitals or newspapers that existed then for the Toul France area?

I was born September 1946 after my father was sent to Germany. Danelda WEHL is looking for HALF BROTHER, fathered by DAVID LAMERE . hi, have just had my DNA done and it seems the my biological father was a American GI.

These DNA tests has given me many New African American Cousins & family African on the Paternal side which will hopefully, revconnect me nearer to my Biological Fathers family. Would of been stationed in Auckland New Zealand in early 1943, round March/April. Before he died,my uncle told me that I had a sibling there. He was adopted by a US Army couple, also, stationed there and brought back to the USA. Please, email me at: [email protected] have very little to go on.