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Kim kardashian and devon murray dating

Add in those piercing sky blue eyes and the Cork native makes being bad look oh so good.

Brosnan is an ambassador for UNICEF Ireland and was named Best Dressed Environmentalist by the Sustainable Style Foundation.Fassbender will have to go American for the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, in which he will play the late Apple cofounder.But one of his most memorable roles was as sex addict Brandon in 2011’s He’s played British royalty and even a Romanian vampire, but in real life, Rhys Meyers, 37, hails from Dublin.'" "It's a very privileged addiction to have but sometimes the thrill of having bought something would wear off as soon as I opened it and I would just send it straight back.It was then that I was like, 'this is really unhealthy.It gives my face a luminous finish and I’ve really noticed the difference in photos and videos.

It makes my complexion brighter.” “I wasn’t sure about this pink colour but it blends really nicely and it's actually quite subtle.

But Lynch's new love is a "total meat-eater" which means they have to compromise when dining out. He really challenges me on these things and I have to think more.

I have certain rules like he's not allowed to eat baby animals when I'm around, so no lamb.

Though he has a naughty reputation, it only makes his on-screen roles all the more steamy. Having attended the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, O’Donoghue’s swarthy features and on point facial hair make him the sexiest Captain Hook we’ve ever seen.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, whether it be the villainous King Henry VIII on This One Direction cutie, 21, is the group’s only Irishman among four other Brits, but he reps his homeland with pride. He was cast as the Peter Pan villain on the hit ABC fantasy series series, Murray, 26, is lighting our hearts ablaze with his baby blues.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to drool over the Irish brogue and glistening six-packs (we’re not talking about green beer) of some of Hollywood’s elite from across the pond. Colin Farrell , but he’s also become an advocate for same-sex marriage in Ireland. without same-sex marriage being legalized, without the constitution being changed to support this demographic of our community, it's the children who are going to be left in the dark if there's a separation," Farrell said on Irish TV network RTE in January. Men can play soldiers and cops and stuff for the rest of their lives.