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He should not be service-oriented but should be duty-oriented.

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If, suddenly India transforms into a police-state from a welfare-state, the IAS officers should be immune to peoples’ feelings.The true role of an IAS officer is – “Administration”.His only duty is to give a flawless efficient administration and should implement the policies effectively.Since, ours is a welfare state, all the policies that the government makes are service-oriented.That is the only reason why IAS officers are often confused with “Benefit-givers”.I have received hundreds of emails from dedicated aspirants and I have tried to answer each and every one of them.

But, I couldn’t reply to some emails too due to lack of time, I apologize sincerely for that.

The mock sessions teach you how best to portray yourself, they will teach you how to showcase your personality in the best way and they will make you put on a fake disguised mask where you will be shown as something you are truly not.

I heard that in some coaching centres, they even make you by-heart information about various hobbies so that you can repeat them at the interview.

As this phase, truly changed my life, and I hope it will change yours too.

In December, I knew that I might pass Mains, so I thought of concentrating on the next stage, after taking a small break.

Anyway, I am forever indebted to each and everyone of you who has blessed me with wishes and who have showcased their love and affection towards me.