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Juanita jordan dating

“She thinks that’s chump change and has her own plans for breaking the prenup,” divulged a close source.“She figures if she has children with Michael, she’ll have a hold on him forever, even if their marriage collapses.

BASKETBALL great MICHAEL JORDAN’s new wife has a secret plan to beat their prenuptial agreement and grab a huge chunk of his $650 million fortune, say sources.Vanoy received a reported $168 million during the divorce settlement, making it one of the most expensive celebrity divorces in history.Juanita Jordan net worth: Juanita Jordan is a former model who has a net worth of $170 million. A woman by the name of Pamela Smith filed a paternity suit against the basketball legend on Feb. She claims to have become pregnant after allegedly having a tryst with Jordan in 1995 giving birth to her now 16-year-old son Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds, also known as Taj, in June 1996.Smith said "in her legal docs she welcomes a paternity test to prove Jordan's the dad. She also wants Jordan to pay the kid's medical expenses," says the gossip site."I feel like ya'll should know, and I feel like he should be more in my life about it, too." Taj says in the video that Jordan, who has three children — Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine — with his ex-wife, is aware that Taj is his son saying they've met, "talked and had conversation." Taj is a self-proclaimed hip-hop artist and has more than 46,000 followers on Twitter.

Michael and Yvette appeared at the main Palm Beach County courthouse in Florida to apply for a marriage licence in the early morning of March 7, according to Kathy Burstein, a spokeswoman for the clerk's office.

Smith’s son Taj created a You Tube video that he posted in December 2012 claiming that the Chicago Bulls superstar is his biological father.

"The reason I am making this video, I have some exclusive, exclusive information I feel like everybody should know.

“If Yvette’s marriage to Michael fails, she plans to soak him for a LOT more than a measly million a year,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s a gold digger and won’t be happy until a big chunk of his fortune is in her pocket.

News of MJ’s second eldest son, Marcus, recently broke that he’s opening up a sneaker boutique sooner than later.