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Johnny comments on dating winona

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They are seen here in 1990, shortly before ending their four-year relationship In her autobiography Underneath It All, which was released in 2004, Traci wrote: ‘I was thinking, “Would Johnny expect me to be amazing in bed? How could I possibly date anyone, let alone sleep with him, with all this pressure?

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Another beautiful actress Johnny dated for a short while is Ellen Barkin. Their age difference did not stop them from expressing their love for each other. Their relationship looked promising at the start and lasted for four years before both called it quits.He explained: ‘At times, certainly unpleasant, but that's the nature of break-ups.I guess especially when there are kiddies involved. Especially in the racket that I'm in because you're constantly away or they're away and so it's hard.’But he added: ‘It doesn't stop the fact that you care for that person, and they're the mother of your kids, and you'll always know each other, and you're always going to be in each other's lives because of those kids.Their relationship was very serious and things happened really fast between them.They surprised family and friends when their engagement was announced in 1990.When it comes to getting a beautiful woman to date, Johnny has always come out tops.

Rumors have it that the funny actor also dated Tatjana Patitz.

Rumors started spreading all over the place that Johnny and Amber were having an affair.

However, both stars didn’t confirm that they are dating, guess they wanted to make it a secret.

Well, the major reason it seems was because Johnny was still dating Vanessa. They proved that their love for each other was real and went ahead to tie the knot in February 2015 in the Bahamas.

He ended his relationship with Vanessa Paradis and got engaged to Amber Heard. But their love for each other was too shallow to sustain their marriage at least.

Vanessa Paradis dated Johnny Depp but that isn’t all about the duo.