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Jennifer landon dating

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Kathryn revealed that after nine months of no communication, she just received a text from Thomas asking for a meeting.When Liz asked Kathryn if she wanted to meet Thomas, Kathryn said that she did for the sake of the children but expressed fear that Thomas wasn’t being genuine.

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Ashley’s Instagram page also shows a lot of photos of her enjoying her baby nephew and expressing a love for children.According to the viewer, Thomas posted about Ashley a while ago but then deleted it.Landon responded to confirm that Thomas is indeed dating Ashley.If Ashley Jacobs’ relationship with Thomas Ravenel becomes more serious and Thomas does, as Landon Clements recommends, end up marrying her, she will become the stepmother of Thomas’ two children with Kathryn Dennis, Kensie, 3, and son Saint, 18 months.On Monday night’s episode, Kathryn talked with JD and Elizabeth Madison, close friends of Thomas’ and godparents of Kathryn and Thomas’ children, about the state of her relationship with Thomas.On Saturday, Landon posted a photo of herself sitting between another woman and Thomas in a restaurant.

Landon shared that they were enjoying tequila drinks.

She got a job at Jabot Cosmetics and started a relationship with Victor's son, Adam Wilson.

Paul found Ji Min's killer, but allowed his daughter to take credit for finding the information, so Heather got her job back.

Heather re-entered Paul's life at the time when Robert was abusive towards April and April killed him in self-defense.

She leaves Genoa City with Heather without letting her know that Paul was her actual father.

In her confessional interview, Kathryn agreed that perhaps it is time for her to meet with Thomas.