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An aircraft that included nothing but a wing would be more stable if the distribution of its lift was bell-shaped, not elliptical.

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But, the teen reports, his design is a lot more stable in flight.“The trade-off of slightly more drag but increased stability would be worth it,” he argues. He also will continue to build and fly small drones.Upon being named the event’s top winner, he modestly expressed his surprise and gratitude: “It feels awesome.”Amber Yang, 18, came up with a way to predict the orbits of space junk circling Earth.Finally, he added a plastic coating to help protect the balsa wood from damage.His model had a wingspan of about 1.23 meters (4 feet).A senior at Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, Fla., her research earned a $50,000 Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award.

This teen looked at how clouds of space debris — such as from an exploding satellite — move and rotate.

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Now sponsored by Intel, ISEF this year brought together students from 78 countries, regions and territories.“Congratulations to all our finalists, as well as our top three winners on their extraordinary research projects,” says Maya Ajmera.

She’s the president of SSP and publisher of “As our world grows increasingly complex,” she notes, “we need [their] innovative, transformative ideas to identify new solutions to our world’s most intractable challenges.”On most of today’s aircraft, all parts of the wing — from the body of the aircraft out to the wingtips — generate a relatively smooth distribution of lift.

(That’s a facility where engineers perform all sorts of tests on scale models of vehicles.) But he has flown the model using the same simple radio controls that guide many other types of model aircraft.