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Is simon cowell dating paula

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coming to an end after 15 seasons with an epic, three-night finale, let's take a look back at a few of the dynamic duos most telling moments that proved they were the best couple who were never actually a couple.

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Our site runs faster and better on the latest browsers.and," he added, gesturing to his pals on stage, "for you guys being actually my best friends now, and I'm going to miss you.Simon Cowell has confessed he fancies fellow 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul - but wouldn't sleep with her because of the awkward morning after. The multi-millionaire star, currently auditioning for the fourth series of the hit show, revealed: "I loathe it."I mean, the truth was, on the first two seasons, we couldn't travel on the same plane together.We really disliked each other that much," he said, blaming her "sexual tension" for the animosity between the two."I just thought this would be a good opportunity on behalf of Randy and myself for Paula to apologize over the years for being so mean to the contestants," Simon joked, taking the microphone after his shock arrival.

"When we were trying to be nurturing, helpful, now is the time for you to apologize.""I'd like to say on behalf of us, thank you, America, for inviting us into your homes, thank you to the contestants …

As a judge, he often makes blunt and controversial comments, including insults and wisecracks about contestants and their singing abilities.

Currently, there are no any rumors regarding his personal and professional life.

The BBC, for decades regarded with envious eyes by American broadcasters who gazed upon its classy period adaptations with awe, lost its position as the purveyor of top-quality drama a long, long time ago.

The Handmaid's Tale review: 'It succeeds spectacularly on every level'This is hardly surprising.

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