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Is mandy moore and shane west dating

This time, the newly single star shared a snapshot on Friday, April 10, from her 2002 teen drama . Getting sewn into the dress during the school play scene in #AWalk To Remember," Moore captioned on her 31st birthday."I remember celebrating my 17th Birthday during filming. #fbf." alum starred in the Nicholas Sparks romance flick with Shane West, who played Landon Carter.

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Getting sewn into the dress during the school play scene in #AWalk To Remember. Mandy said, “Well, I’m 17, and I haven’t had a truly romantic Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sticking with me.”February 14, 2002 – Katrillion spoke with Mandy about how she’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day now that she’s broken up with actor Wilmer Valderrama.After wishing the couple and singles a happy Valentine’s Day, Mandy broke news that she’ll be starring in an independent film called ‘Try Seventeen’ with Elijah Wood. She also announced plans for a new video, but said fans would have to wait a few days for details. I’m not worried about it.” Meanwhile, Alex Greenwald, lead singer of fellow Sony artist Phantom Planet admitted, “[Mandy’s] intelligent, super-young.February 14, 2002 – Mandy Moore responded to compliments from a fan who initially admitted to finding her sound and dancing routines in ‘Candy’ to be annoying to begin with but she’s slowly learned to like the singer after her latest album and after watching ‘A Walk to Remember’. It’s not really a crush actualized, but I think she’s really cute, has a good energy, and she’s vibrant.”February 12, 2002 – Mandy told fans why she’s such a huge fan of actress and singer Bette Midler on her official site’s message board today saying, “Yes, I love Bette Midler because she appeared on an episode of the Simpsons!!Now 32, Mandy revealed she had a massive crush on her co-star while shooting the tearjerker.'Shane was so cool.

Everything about him – the way he dressed, the little cigarettes that he smoked, and the music he listened to,' she confessed.

Mandy took to Instagram to mark the occasion on Wednesday, sharing a photo from the movie and writing: 'In honor of the 15th anniversary of A Walk To Remember, let's take a walk down memory lane...

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first came out, and even after all these years we're still in love with the film.

Mandy Moore and Shane West's movie romance will forever be one of our favorites (just thinking about it is making us tear up!

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