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Is hilary swank still dating john campisi

Then again, for all the drama we get from Swank's onscreen characters, her personal life has been relatively low-profile since the 2007 split; she's hardly an are more in her wheelhouse, but she risks a biopic glut — and rut.

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Still, Swank has persevered, and her latest entry in what is quickly becoming a niche she owns the hell out of — fact-based dramas about downmarket outsiders overcoming long odds — is , which comes out today.So, I think she’s picking the best stuff she can, but commercially, it’s all been very flat." We ran Swank and her four closest competitors by E-Poll Market Research; intriguingly, while Swank scored better than all but Witherspoon on awareness, the other four actresses had higher appeal ratings (though it should be noted that all five had very low negative numbers in general, and their E-scores were in the top 5 percent of all those surveyed).Most telling is that Swank's top attribute is “Talented” followed by “Physically Fit,” while the others score highest in categories like "Beautiful," "Cute," and "Classy." Market Value: Why is Hollywood so afraid of female-led dramas?When Jon Favreau was shooting the first film, rumors briefly circulated that Swank would cameo as someone from the Marvel canon; though that never transpired, it's a tantalizing idea.If there's a villainess yet to be cast in the Marvel mash-up Whatever the case, now is the time for Swank to change it up.(When Swank would later win her second Academy Award, she said, "I don't know what I did in this life to deserve this," and we'd suggest that playing Ian Ziering's love interest and getting fired for it was more than enough penance to pay for eventual Oscar gold.) Swank famously rebounded with her searing portrayal of murdered transsexual Brandon Teena in 1999's Peers: Though ahead of actresses like Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Swank's got stiff competition in her preferred sector of prestige pictures.

"She’s behind Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, [and] Reese Witherspoon," said one top agent we spoke to.

Birthname Hilary Ann Swank Birthdate July 30, 1974 Birthplace Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Residence Malibu, California, USA / Pacific Palisades, USA Sign Leo Spouse Exhusband Chad Lowe and now John Campisi Hair Brown Eyes Brown Height 5′ 6″ / 1.68 cm Hilary Ann Swank, with Spanish and Native American heritage, was born 30th July 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Hilary’s father was employed by the airborne National Guard and, while Hilary was still pre-school, took his family – wife Judy, a secretary and later an executive, and son Dan (eight years older than Hilary) – to live in Bellingham, Washington.

Only twelve women have won more than one Best Actress Oscar, and Hilary Swank did it before she turned 30.

With that milestone met, she joined an elite group of actresses that includes Jodie Foster and Bette Davis, but even that exceptionally high level of praise from her peers hasn't given Swank carte blanche to do whatever she wants in Hollywood.

(Her perennial awards rival Annette Bening will thank her.) The Bottom Line: Though Swank is undeniably talented, films like ?