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Is erin sanders dating logan henderson

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Later when he turned 18, Logan moved to California in the pursuit of becoming an actor.He soon enough got his break through role in Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush in 2009 and became a member of the Big Time Rush band itself.

Logan and the Big Time Rush gang got a chance to perform at the 20 Kids Choice Award.Through all four seasons, Sanders played the resident science genius at Pacific Coast Academy and roommate of Zoey (portrayed by Jamie Lynn Spears).Following Zoey 101, Sanders worked for several months on CBS's The Young and the Restless playing Eden Baldwin, the daughter of Michael Grossman.Finally they released their album BTR on 11th October 2010.Logan had co-written one of the song named Oh Yeah from the album. The Big Rush Band made a guest appearance on Figure It Out in June of 2012.They were a cute couple and the public seemed to enjoy them until they broke up.

There are rumors that he is currently seeing somebody or it may actually be Erin herself but it is not true. Logan has a fit and masculine body with perfect body measurements. He has gathered a lot of female fans through his looks alone.

Logan signed with Sont Music Entertainment and Columbia Record Label in 2009 as part of the Big time Rush Band.

They went on to release four promotional singles that included ‘Big time Rush’,’City Is Ours’, ‘Halfway There’ and ’Til I Forget About You’ .

He spent most of his childhood in Texas along with his sibling Presley Henderson.

His grandfather is of the British decendent whereas his parental grandmother was of Polish and Czech ancestry.

Also he and the rest of BTR lent their voice in Penguins of Madagascar in episode, Tunnel of Love, and he lent his voice for The Great Migration which was directed by his brother, Kevin Schmidt.