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From 1937 to 1998, the Irish constitution included a claim on Northern Ireland as a part of the national territory.

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Irish governments meanwhile tried to broker an agreement to the conflict known as The Troubles within Northern Ireland from 1968 to the late 1990s.However, since 2008, Ireland has experienced a severe crisis in the banking sector and with sovereign debt.The resultant economic slump has deepened the effect of the world recession on Ireland.In the economic sphere, the Irish state has had a mixed performance.On independence, it was one of the wealthier countries in Europe per head of population.Other, more radical voices such as the Irish Republican Brotherhood called for independence, but these were in a minority.

In 1912–1913, the Liberal government in Britain proposed a Bill for Home Rule.

The pro-Treaty side, organised as Cumann na n Gaedheal emerged victorious from the conflict and won subsequent elections.

They formed the government of the state until 1932, when they peacefully handed over power to the anti-Treaty faction in Fianna Fáil, who defeated them in an election.

Alarmed, unionists in the north organized the Ulster Volunteers, an armed militia proposing to resist Home Rule by force.

Nationalists in response founded the Irish Volunteers.

The rebellion did not have popular support and was put down within a week, but the execution of its leaders, and the subsequent wholesale arrest of radical nationalist activists proved very unpopular with the nationalist public.