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Intimidating and threatening boss

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The aggressive voice is frequently combined with strong body language such as standing or excited gestures to increase impact. Losing Patience and/or Threatening to Walkout Similar to raising one’s voice, losing patience and threatening to walk out are classic power play tactics to pressure a recipient to conform and give in.

This may be especially true if such demonstrations are a departure from their baseline (normal) behavior.Questions are more likely answered with greater care and detail. Strength and Intimidation in Numbers Some aggressors like to dominate a situation by having a number of associates or friends present to support her or his position.The superior numbers alone may constitute an intimidating presence.When someone’s name is called, the speaker has the listener’s attention.The listener is more inclined to feel put on the spot, and compelled to respond with greater attentiveness.They can also back each other up and challenge you in turn during a proceeding.

In addition, they may also put pressure on you to make a decision before you’re ready (a common car sales tactic).

I would tell you which ones to look up if I could figure out what wrong-doing you are talking about.

But your talk about intimidation and, now, subjugation, is just too vague.

Examples can include any variety of comments ranging from your appearance, to your older model smart phone, to your background and credentials, to the fact that you walked in two minutes late and out of breath.

By making you look bad, and getting you to feel bad, the aggressor hopes to impose psychological superiority over you. Constantly Judge and Criticize You to Make You Feel Inadequate Distinct from the previous behavior where negative humor is used as a cover, here the aggressor outright picks on you.

— Paramhansa Yogananda Most of us come across difficult personalities at some points in our lives.