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What the Kinseyites and I had in common so long ago was the knowledge that homosexual and heterosexual behavior are natural to all mammals, and that what differs from individual to individual is the balance between these two complementary but not necessarily conflicted drives.So, what has all this to do with our greatest president?

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But then, in 1945, when much of the war ended, we were abruptly translated from the Land of Oz back to dreary—even bloody—Kansas, not to mention Indiana, where one Alfred C. Tripp, who had become interested in the sexuality of our greatest president, but I am now ahead of our story.Tripp has interesting “new” material on Lincoln’s encounters as a young man in New Salem, Illinois (where Lincoln lived from 1831-37); he reports on “contacts” with merchant A. Ellis and fellow lawyer Henry Whitney, the last observing that Lincoln seemed always to be courting him: Whitney also reported that Lincoln said that sexual contact was a “harp of a thousand strings.” So what form did these contacts take?One hint is given by Billy Greene, who shared a bed and a grammar teacher (not together) with Lincoln in New Salem around 1831.Kinsey was scientifically analyzing our intimations and dreams of Oz as well as who did what sexually and why. by making the point that their affair was a perfectly natural business, despite so many popular superstitions derived from our various Bronze Age religions.At about that time I met Tripp, whose posthumous has at last been published by Free Press.It is interesting now that we have entered a new America ruled by Moral Values; faith-inspired attacks are being made on Kinsey’s findings so long after the fact.

Tripp is described by his publisher as a “psychologist, therapist, and sex-researcher” (for Kinsey).

The young Lincoln had a love affair with a handsome youth and store owner, Joshua Speed, in Springfield, Illinois.

They shared a bed for four years, not necessarily, in those frontier days, the sign of a smoking gun—only messy male housekeeping.

As a schoolboy I read most of Carl Sandburg’s six-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln.

Sandburg was a poet-performer, and I tended to skip his rhapsodic passages, thus missing some key points. well, to be precise, there is no Sandburg Lincoln, only a sort of grab bag of anecdotes, a do-it-yourself folklore Lincoln, using material that, with time’s passage, has been more and more rejected by those scholar squirrels who are always in attendance upon the Lincoln brigade’s stern academic icon-dusters.

Later, during his presidency, when most incumbents express affection—and more—for women not their wives, Lincoln was already a marble statue to Family Values. In due course, Kinsey and I met, and he took, as they say, my history for his research.