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Instant cam to cam fun

Bonnie, here, exploring the Dutch countryside with professional photographer Efraín Padró and nine of your fellow readers, looking for shots we can sell to magazines when we get home.On our way to the gardens, Efraín told us that magazines like a variety of different shots to go with a single article, and that we should try to tell a visual story in at least three shots: ** The far-away, “establishing” shot: Jerry Mink Barbara Harvey ** The closer, mid-range shot: Daphne Wright Jerry Newsome ** And the way close-up detail shot: Connie Owens Sue Stevenson Once we’d shot as many flowers as possible from near and far, above and below, Efrain showed us a really fun camera trick that makes instant art out of your flower shots (especially great for flowers that are past their prime).

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It is significantly more expensive than the other cameras on this list.The chemicals react to the light, and after a minute or two your photo is finished developing.An instant camera is great because it gives you immediate photos, no matter where you are.These cameras are also very lightweight, with many weighing in at less than one pound even with film loaded in them. Taking a photo with a digital camera will often produce a photo with better light quality than that of an instant camera.Additionally, because instant cameras print photos immediately, it is not possible to edit photos before printing them.The instantly printed photos from the Snap Touch measure 2”x3” and print in under one minute.

The internal ZINK (zero ink) printer requires no ink, ribbons, or cartridges.

However, as I have used and enjoyed these new instant cameras, I’ve come to remember my excitement from childhood. Can an instant camera replace your current camera or smartphone camera? The quality of a photo from an instant camera is not nearly as good as one from a digital camera, but it is a fun option especially for an event such as a wedding, shower, or birthday party. When you click the shutter button to take your photo, the photo is projected onto the film.

The film (which contains chemicals) is drawn across rollers and comes out of the camera.

Whether you are looking for candid shots at your neighborhood picnic or for a fun activity for guests to do at a wedding, the instant camera is a fun option.

An instant camera is considerably less expensive than many digital cameras.

This camera does require specific ZINK photo paper, but it comes with one 10-pack of paper. You have to hold down the shutter button for up to 20 seconds before the auto focus works.