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They won’t be opened because it is strange or not typically Georgian for the population.

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According to one of Yerevan cultural anthropologists, if someone decides to enter a sex-shop- the same evening everybody will know about it and gossips will break one’s life immediately.“In the course of time couples need to experiment in their sexual relations.“The Christian environment is to be taken into consideration.That’s why I think it is the most optimal version of the sex-shop.No, it might have been opened in any country except Georgia!Here the church’s influence on the people has increased. To tell the truth, two on-line shops- “Sexmarket and “Cupid, offering wide assortments of goods, have been opened in Georgia instead of this sex-shop.It is noteworthy that some people think that underwear shops and corresponding departments in stores are sex-shops.

According to them, products are mainly imported from China, as for good products – they are expensive and many people can’t afford them.

Bütün dünyanın yaxından izlədiyi, gözəllikləri vəuğurlarıyla olduğu qədər xüsusi həyatlarıyla da diqqət çəkən adlardan cinsəllik haqqında tövsiyələr almağa nə deyərsiniz?

Angelina Joliedən Eva Mendesə qədər məşhur adların yataq otağı sirlərini bir araya gətirdik.

“Waving the wooden crosses, a crowd of believers ransacked our shop. They shouted that sex was the devil’s child, that such products demoralized people in the Christian country; we were the Satan’s children, our interlocutor told.“I would like to note that our permanent customers were among pogrom-makers, the shop owner affirmed.

Was there an idea to open such shop in the contemporary Georgia 5 years later?

Given the lack of partners among sexual minorities, the sex-shops could be a way out of this situation.