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Index of double your dating

of the nymph Himera l., hair bound in ampyx and sphendone; in front, six pellets (= mark of value). Ref.# V1034 $95 EX Naumann Numismatik, Munich (their grade).

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AR Sixth-Stater, last-quarter of the 5th Century B. Good F Ref# V1137 $75 Struck during the period between the destruction of Sybaris I and II. Really Good F, dark brownish green patina, thick flan. 1; Del Mar, A., History Of Monetary Systems (Board of Celtic Studies Bulletin Vol. Le Secretariat du Congres, ed., Papers of The General Session 11 of The XIVth UISPP Congress of The University Of Liège, 2001 (‪Archaeopress‬, Oxford, 2005), Gold and Bronze Ring Money, p. Mediocre/Near F Ref# V1138 $8.50 LUCANIA: THOURION (Thourioi; later, Thurium).

About Fine Ref# V1132 $16.50 LUCANIA: THOURION (Thourioi; later, Thurium).

Grain ear; to l., pellet (mark of value) and kerykeion.

of Artemis r.; bow and quiver on her back shoulder; pellet (= mark of value) behind.

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Arpi (Argyrippa or Argos Hippium) was an ancient city of Apulia, Italy, 20 mi.