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- In this gallery, Angel is drawing on her LLC at the mall, first with her sock on and then with her sock off. - Chasity (red LLC) and Alexa (blue LLC) are back in 90° LLCs with matching tube socks and Converse shoes.

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Then the nurse "rewards" verwonder by untying her big toe, but that's because she has other foot abuse in mind!She offers a surprised Verawonder a foot massage and she agrees, because basically she is stuck in bed, and maybe it will make her foot feel better.Soon she realizes the nurse has other things in mind as she starts tickling Verawonders casted foot relentlessly so that her long toes wiggle, which the nurse just loves to see! The cast foot is easier to tickle because the plaster keeps her leg stiff and out so the nurse has easy access and verawonder can't pull it away however much she wants to.Naturally, you can buy those in one of our famous complete sets or saving sets. ============================================================= OUR LATEST CLIP: Monique LLC The Sensuous Job Interview With *Extreme* Pussy Licking and Foot Worship (English) When Monique comes to a job interview in a full leg cast, she doesn't know how cast crazy her potential boss is.As the interview progresses she realizes she will get the job, if the boss can do 'an examination of her fitness' prior to hiring her.Finally she is able to begin her crutching struggle shot from all angle. After trying to get comfortable on the bed she decides to start practicing on her crutches again because she will be on them for a good long time. Scholl and goes crutching out in the hall and into the kitchen before crutching back into her bed.

Lots of nice closeups of Sexy Lucia's equally sexy toes.

Kelly Term SLWC Clumsy Student's *Extreme* Tickle and Foot Play Punishment Kelly the star soccer player on the school team had an accident last week and she is still getting used to getting around in her leg cast and crutches.

As she turns a corner in the school hallway she slams right into her nemesis history teacher carrying a bunch of test papers. Kelly is the team captain and kind of arrogant, acting up in her class and getting the others to as well.

The teacher knows how to give tickle abuse as well.

Viktoria Term LLWC Getting on My Daisy Dukes for a Cruth Out After being stuck at home for a couple of weeks in her full length plaster leg cast leggy Viktoria is really itching to go out -- Literally her cast itches and she needs to go out for some air just to get her mind off of it, even if it is hot outside. Wearing one flip flop she begins to change into her sexy Daisy Duke Shorts -- the only item of clothes she has that easily fits over her cast and won't overheat her outside.

Vera has both, and even though one foot is casted her toes and soft sole are still sticking out and her other foot is completely free.