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Zeev Suraski, co-founder of Zend Technologies considers HHVM as a direct competitor to the Zend execution engine and demonstrates how far the next generation PHP version has evolved in terms of performance improvements.The ability to implement JIT execution capabilities for the Zend engine is the prime motivation behind the development of next-generation PHP language version.

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At the same time, HHVM consistently demonstrated high performance until reaching 280 requests per second.The virtual machine was eventually made available for the Word Press world as an open source execution engine for PHP code promising similar performance improvements over the traditional PHP execution engine, Zend.The PHP community is now responding to the HHVM competition with PHP 7, the latest PHP iteration promising 100 percent increase in performance over previous PHP versions.Feature speculations and possible enhancements for PHP 7 include: The art of programming is changing rapidly and business organizations need to tap into the mobile user-base with better value propositions.In this context, PHP 7 will feature a range of execution engine improvements, offer native local threat storage and reduce memory usage.PHP 7 is able to conduct the tests in 164.844 seconds with peak memory consumption of 30.879 MB.

In contrast, HHVM performs the test twice as fast (84.759 seconds) but consumes 4.5 times more system memory (134.844 MB).

In simple business terms, Facebook saved five to six times on server cost because of changing the way the code was run.

However, the Hip Hop beat couldn’t last long enough and Facebook needed yet another engineering breakthrough to accommodate its exploding web traffic.

Resource: This tests also presents PHP 7 with Zend execution as a better performing package than HHVM for CMS including Word Press and Drupal Benchmarks conducted on Ubuntu Utopic package 5.5.12 compared the performance of PHP and HHVM in running a few basic test suites: Resource:

px=MTg3ODY&page=news_item These benchmark results show interesting difference in between HHVM and PHP.

These advantages serve particularly well for mobile devices with limited Web browsing capabilities.