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Keywords: Acquaintance, Alcohol, Drug, Date rape, Sexual assault How to cite this URL: Singh SB, Meera T, Singh TB.

The exact type of the drug/agent used in some of the cases could not be established because of delayed reporting and untimely collection of samples.Date rape is considered a curse of the Western world and instances of date rape are steadily rising in India; however, the exact statistics is not available.The present study has been carried out in our centre to find out the incidence and pattern of date rape cases in Imphal.This may be favourably compared with the findings of Hurley M et al.also observed that adolescent females and young adult women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted than women in other age-groups, usually by an acquaintance or date.Alcohol was used in 52.9% and suspected inhalant anaesthetic was used in 23.5% of the assaults [Figure 7].

The total number of alleged rape cases have increased during the past few years in the state.

A case of sexual assault where the victim and the offender are in, or have been in, some form of personal relationship, ranging from a first date to an established relationship; and drugs/alcohol/any agent have been used to incapacitate and to facilitate the assault have been considered as a case of date rape.

The findings of the study were statistically analyzed.

Till the year 2009, no cases of date rape were reported.

The years 2012 (11.6%) and 2013 (6.7%) observed higher number of date rape cases compared to previous years.

A detailed study of the history given by the police and the victim, and the medical examination findings was carried out and the findings were analyzed.