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"To me, it looks like that's the guy," said Chad Belville, attorney for Colorado-based Blu Media, which owns This is what gay men are going through," Belville said.Belville told CNN the company will keep the posts on the site. "I hope we can reach out to some other isolated kids who really need some place to go." In a later statement, Blu Media said "Tyler's death brings national attention to the fact that anti-gay bigotry is still alive and well, even in our universities.

"I guess what he was doing was..was in another person's room, with other people...Clementi's death brought anger from gay rights groups and support for the two accused students.Paul Callan, a professor of media law at Seton Hall University, said Ravi and Wei could face an additional charge if it turns out that the broadcast of Clementi's encounter was fueled by hatred of gay people.I had talked to my roommate that afternoon and he had said it would be fine w/him. he tweeted that I was using the room (which is obnoxious enough), AND that he went into somebody else's room and remotely turned on his webcam and saw me making out with a guy.given the angle of the webcam I can be confident that that was all he could have." Cit2mo asked readers what he should do, including whether to get another roommate.he asked me to email him a written paragraph about what exactly happened... CNN was unable Thursday to determine whether cit2mo was Clementi, but a laywer for the website said the posts were traced back to Rutgers.

I emailed it to him, and to two people above him...." That post came at a.m. A label under cit2mo's name on the forum had been changed from "On the Prowl" to "In Loving Memory" Thursday.

"I have spoken with Tyler's parents to extend my own and the university's deepest sympathies, and we will continue to respect the family's request for privacy," Mc Cormick said in a statement Thursday.

"It is up to us at Rutgers to honor this young man's life by reaffirming, and living up to, our commitment to the values of civility, dignity, compassion,and respect for one another." The group Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbian and Gays cited several cases of young people it said were victims of hate crimes and severe bullying.

In that same tweet, the writer linked to a thread on Just Us

On another page on Just Us, someone posted a thread labeled "college roommate spying." The user dubbed cit2mo wrote on September 21, a day before Clementi jumped from the bridge, "so the other night i had a guy over.

Both Wei and Ravi surrendered to campus police -- Wei surrendered on Monday and was released on her own recognizance; Ravi surrendered Tuesday and was released on $25,000 bail.