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In many cases close relatives or friends made the offers.

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of trafficking who were forced to work as prostitutes should be held accountable for their own misfortune.It is the only NGO in the country helping trafficking victims and it opened its first shelter in Vilnius last year.It also runs a 24-hour hotline offering information to those wishing to work or move abroad.Despite in particular, accounts for a growing percentage of total trade.Privatization of the large, state-owned utilities is nearly complete.This is the first time a case concerning prostitution-related human trafficking is to be tried by Norways justice system.

Two girls from Lithuania claim to have been brought against their will to Norway in autumn 2001 and forced to work as prostitutes.

The lack of economic opportunity in led women to migrate, making them vulnerable to trafficking networks.

Other factors were the existence of organized crime and the geographical position of the Baltic states, which lie at the crossroads between Western Europe and the former Danielle suspected nothing until the stranger took her passport once they passed through customs and left her with two Albanians and a Lithuanian woman. The "holiday job" was working in a brothel in Birmingham., is a graphic example of the millions of children caught up in the abusive and exploitative world of trafficking.

One estimate concluded that approximately 20 percent of Lithuanian trafficking victims are underage girls.

Lithuanian women are trafficked within the country and to the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, France, and the Czech Republic for the purpose of forced prostitution. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009[19] The Committee notes with concern that trafficking in women and children continues to be a problem in the State party, which is a country of origin and transit, in spite of the existence of the "Program on control and prevention of prostitution and commercial trade in people for 2002-2004" and that the new Criminal Code provides for criminal liability for a number of trafficking-related crimes, including trade in people (art. Moreover, the Committee regrets that the lack of information on the number of people trafficked does not give an accurate picture of the extent of the problem.

Traffickers also commonly targeted young women from ethnic minorities.