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How long have audrina and corey been dating

He’s always offering me back rubs and saying, “Don’t lift anything!

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Audrina Patridge got engaged to longtime boyfriend Corey Bohan on Friday, Nov. The reality star, 30, began dating the professional BMX dirt bike rider, 33, back in 2008, after she broke up with her bad boy ex, Justin “Bobby” Brescia.He's not afraid to get dirty and that's what I like about him.He's not super metro." PHOTOS: The most memorable moments on The Hills — a look back Proving how much can change in one year, the source tells Us that reconciliation is most likely not an option between the former lovebirds. I just felt tired and bloated and I started breaking out, which I never do. Just ask me for help.” That part’s been hard, because we just moved into a new house [in Orange County], and I’m surrounded by boxes. A source tells Us that the couple "wants a wedding sometime next year." Patridge opened up to Us Weekly back in 2013 about her relationship with Bohan.

“With other guys I dated in the past, I never felt safe,” she said.

I still wake up to pee 10 times a night and sometimes also to make a peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich.

I had my first good night this week, after I got a Snoogle [pregnancy pillow].

“We’d go out and I felt like I had to defend them, and so with Corey I feel like I’m safe — he’s a guy’s guy.

He’s not afraid to get dirty and that’s what I like about him.

"With other guys in the past I dated, I never felt safe," she told Us.