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I pulled the guy forward and stroked his nice, hard dick while I swallowed my second load so far.I heard another grunt from the far end of our wall and a voice hollering, "I gotta cum!

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It was so amazing and the first time two guys shot their glorious hot cum loads in my mouth at the same time was fucking spectacular. Somewhere in the middle of those early adventures I met my husband. "Katie, I would, but you know very well if we get started in there... There must have been extra bubbles on my big boobs where her hands lingered. "Thank you." I whispered, but I was almost melting from her touch as she helped pat me dry. As my knees were settling onto the comfortable cushion I happily discovered two throbbing hard cocks available to use as my guide. I leaned in and kissed one, then the other, tasting the pre-cum. I love it any time I get to suck someone new, and I orgasmed. I could hold his balls tight and throat fuck him, then switch to the other guy I'd been continuously stroking. He grunted and shot a big juicy load of hot cum into my mouth.I swallowed quickly and turned my attention to the other guy. I just got my lips around his bulbous cock head in time as he unloaded a tasty serving of man yogurt for me. Another mouthful and yes, another orgasm on my part!Moans and groans continued on both sides of the wall. Us girls were all orgasming as we sucked anonymous cocks and swallowed glorious mouthfuls of cum rewards. It was Jack, and since he was already wet, he'd certainly been getting some oral action from one or both of my compatriots. There is no doubt in my mind that because my first sexual experience was with four guys, it set the tone for all of my future sex life.It began when I just started college, lonely and insecure, and I met these four nice guys my age.A hard, thick and straight eight-inch cock poked out of my right hand hole. I smiled and said, "Hi." He groaned as I sucked him but he didn't say anything, trying to remain anonymous. I wondered if I was doing any better than the other girls at identifying cocks by feel, flavor and memory.

I was truly enjoying this first Glory Hole experience.

Then from watching movies and having chats with friends I learned a little about Glory Holes. I can tell you're having a pretty intense craving because of this idea. " "And you'd get to lick some pussy and suck out some cream-pies." He reminded me needlessly. So it was agreed and Saturday while I was out shopping and running errands, hubby was busily building us a sturdy, multi-holed Glory Hole wall in our living room. It was sturdily reinforced so it couldn't fall over and included six sizable crotch height holes. Glad to see you could make it." I said in full honesty. Some weekends if Heather had to work, Mark was often nice enough to drop in and help Jack attend to my needs. There was no point in getting dressed, and Heather stripped naked and hung her clothes in the adjacent closet. "I requested minimum twenty." replying on Jack's behalf. "Let me check." Heather insisted as she leaned in and slowly ran her middle finger between Rose's pouty pussy lips. Wet." She concurred following her brief inspection. " I asked, referring to her husband and one of my long-term fuck-buddies. So at least I knew the identities of three of the participating guys tonight including my husband, Rob and Mark. When you pop your load, try to remember to put a check mark by the corresponding hole on your side of the cardboard. The room was temporarily quiet until a young sounding voice piped up and asked, "When do we start? " Jack came over and handed us each a small gift wrapped package. "How about a prize for the girl that does the best combined total of guessing the number of guys, naming them by way of cock familiarity, and most cum swallows? I popped it from my mouth and got back to the other in the knick of time.

I've always thought it might be fun, but considered it too impersonal, and certainly a potentially unsafe environment. It's for in-home use, so I suppose a reinforced high cardboard wall should work. I assume you'd want it so just the various cocks would poke out, but the faces would make it anonymous? He also texted and e-mailed potential attendees and soon had at least twenty men and two ladies committed to attending. All sharp edges had been thoughtfully protected from abrasion by meticulously installed duct tape. Mark has a very nice cock and I love when he provides me with mouthfuls of his creamy and plentiful cum. We were kissing just as Jack swung around the corner and looked in on us. Then she raised her hand and licked Rose's juice from her finger. Jack commented, "I asked our young neighbor to join us tonight, too." "You mean Justin, from next door? And we know he's a nice, respectful kid, so I told him it would be okay to bring some friends, as long as they were polite like him." Rose was busily removing her clothing while I pondered Jack's statement. Then we'll see which girl swallowed the most cum loads. " I think everyone chuckled and it helped ease the tension in a very sexually charged and exhilarating moment. We tore them open like kids on Christmas morning to find very sexy and cute, pussy-cat style plush blindfolds. I know you've all had the pleasure before of being with some of the guys that are here. So, with no visual clues, you can just settle in and have fun. One full balls-deep thrust and a few throat strokes and he was ready.

That day set the tone for the entire remainder of my life.

Those four guys and I got together a couple of times a week.

It kind of sounds like you're coming up with a plan." I giggled. I mean, we've had lots of group sex together before and even very recently some extra guys joining us so you could all give me what I need, but I haven't had a big session for quite a while." "Okay... I reached over to my other hole in the wall and found nothing.