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The Western Region on the other hand adopted chocolate and cream to sufficient stock to operate its named trains like the Cornish Riviera Express and Torbay Express being two examples.The Southern Region introduced the yellow UIC cantrail stripe denoting first class in 1960 for boat train coaches.

In 1965 Rail Blue was introduced as trailed on XP64 stock the year before and lasted for another 20 years.This type of carriage is an "Open coach" because of the arrangement of the seats inside - other types of carriage may be corridor based variants (FK) or have a brake compartment (BFO or BFK). The first three, for the London Midland Region, were the only Mk1 FO with no centre door, seating 42 in a 2 1 format.The second batch (3003–19), built from 1954, had a centre door in the centre seating bay, splitting the middle window into two thin panes.The livery initially for Mk1 coaches for British Railways in 1951 was crimson lake and cream with black and gold lining, all new Mk1 FO coaches were delivered in this livery up until 1956.In 1956 the standard livery changed to maroon with black and gold lining except for the Southern Region stock which adopted an unlined dark malachite green.From 1979, seven First Open were used on the Glasgow to Edinburgh push pull service 11004-11010 with 11022 added later as 11004 was involved in the Polmont rail accident in 1984.

Scot Rail later down graded its First Open in 1986 to Open Composite were renumbered 119xx.

Production built Mark 3 stock for class 253 and 254 Inter City 125 were built at Derby Litchurch Lane in 1975-82 with BT10 bogies with a maximum of 125 mph (201 km/h) seat 48 and referred to as a trailer First.

Mark 3a is the production built loco-hauled Mk3 built by BR at Derby Litchurch Lane introduced on the West Coast Main Line from 1975.

Two First Open 1102 were fitted with BT15 bogies along with 11058 fitted with BTS bogies in the mid-1980s.

With a further order for 38 Mk3b built at Derby Litchurch Lane in 1985 and were delivered new in Inter City livery with a number receiving names and being used on services on the West Coast Main Line offering a first class Pullman service.

In 1976, 13 First Open where converted to Restaurant Second Open No Kitchen 1058-1070 RSO, 12 were later converted to Second Open 3600-3610 SO in 1981-82, 5 of the remining SO in 1987 where converted back to First Open 31xx FO.