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High school dating

Everyone hates it and you get some serious side-eye when it happens, but you're too busy giggling to care. He's seen you at your awkward stages and still thought you were beautiful. When you started dating, his little sister was, like, 8 and now she's in high school.

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Unless you're flush with cash from an after school job or your parents are VERY generous, chances are good that you and your date do not have much money to spare. So, unless they give you carte blanche and let you date whoever, dating in high school is way likely to involve a heavy amount of parent participation and involvement. It's such a buzzkill to have your parents involved in your love life to the degree they wind up being in high school. No matter how you slice it, there's no truly clean breakup in high school.Unlike every other person, you don't actually hate your prom pictures.You don't have to cross an X out on your date's face, and those pictures are actually still hanging up around the house.11.Getting older isn't so bad when you have him by your side. Tons of people still think that you need to have at least one major relationship in high school or else something’s wrong with you.You still have to see them everywhere, you likely share at least a handful of friends, some of whom might stop talking to you in the event of a truly disastrous break up. Even if you try to ignore them or avoid them, it's almost impossible.

If you're successful in that attempt, you're also dealing with constant anxiety and effort spent in actively NOT seeing them.

He was there to celebrate every awesome milestone in your life, which made them even more awesome. You have the absolute best inside jokes and pretty much your own language that no one understands.

Like, when someone says they "need Starbucks," you two can't help but crack up because it means something hilarious and kind of inappropriate to you two.

You want to hate it, but their friendship is actually pretty adorable and awesome. When you've been dating since your teen years, he just that stuff.

You share the good and bad memories together, and it creates an insane bond between you two.14. Because in high school, car rides were the best way to get away from your parents and have alone time with each other and you still cherish that. He knows exactly what you want in bed because he's been able to learn about your body.

By all means, dating in high school is entirely your choice – if you want to do it, do it.