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When I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to use the girls’ toilet; people thought I was a male because I was assigned male at birth. You cannot choose who someone is, so you have to listen to what they have to say.But I knew I was a girl and I wanted to use the girls’ toilet. They’re the only ones who know how they feel on the inside, who they want to be and who they actually are.

The famous Californian clan now also boasts a new transgender member, Caitlyn Jenner (former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, stepfather to the Kardashian siblings and father to model Kendall Jenner) who also has a reality TV show, I Am Cait, currently airing on E!A double gender dog had a rare sex change operation after vets discovered it had both male and female organs.Saira, a Staffordshire bull terrier, became female after successfully undergoing rare 'sex assignment' surgery.Everyone has their own personal story and experience and there’s no way that you can guide them down that path.You just have to listen to them and embrace them.● Support gender-neutral toilets.Don’t put them in that box.● If you’re not sure what pronoun [he or she] to use, ask!

Pronouns are what people identify themselves as, and if you’re not sure ask them what they prefer.

And following the operation the two-year-old is now a female-only animal and could even become the mother of pups.

Owner John Conchie told how had no idea his pet had a double gender issue until he was told by the vet - and thought his dog was female.

I feel that society is really starting to open up its mind, too.

People are beginning to understand,' said Jazz She went straight to her DSM-l V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the standard classification of psychological and emotional conditions used by professionals in the U.

Just because someone is male doesn’t mean that they always like females.