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"And with that, they turned tail and walked away chatting amongst themselves as I stood there looking decidedly befuddled and I had this uneasy feeling that wheels had been set in motion and that something, SOMETHING, was most definitely up.*Seven arrived and the kitchen was filled with the smell of freshly baked cherry and apple pie. "*This is one of those moments where time takes a rain check. The only thing I could hear was the thudding of my heart which was lodged somewhere between my ears. If he's still going, we go around again until we suck him dry." She looked up at me as I started to huff and puff out loud. She had barely shoved me inside her mouth when the second stream of spunk blasted against the back of her throat and she gagged at the visceral nature of it. Ejaculation number two eased and Sharon handed me over to Ruth who dropped her lips over me as quickly as she could.We all sat around the table, each with a glass of wine in hand just making small talk as they eased me into their own little world. My mind was filled with tiny little lights that were blinking on and off as my orgasm continued.

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Vid concludes with magnificent bareback fuck on the said table." she asked, giving me a bright white smile as she reached out her hand. If you had to describe or draw a sexy mature woman you'd draw her. Green eyes, a bust that defied gravity, womanly hips that could birth an army and I imagined her ass would be twice as spectacular if she turned around in those tight jeans she was wearing as well as a plain white blouse. A woman that would see through any macho bullshit in a second. Angie could sense it too as she continued to blow me hard.Of the three, she was the one who intrigued me the most. The sooner that delayed puberty took a hike and I got myself a regular girlfriend the better. I'm not really that good with girls," I said quietly as I took another slurp of my beer. She peeked up at me and I gave her a small nod as she reached up and grabbed me by the hips with both hands.Too much fuss and nonsense had been their answer when I had raised my eyebrows."Ben," said Angie, who was sat to my immediate right, "We've been there, done that, bought the ticket. A mature world where I would have to make my own decisions and deal with whatever consequences came my way. Here, you could see, smell, and feel time passing as it was meant to be. I chided myself at my over active imagination which I put down to an over abundance of testosterone running through my system. I'm top heavy broad across the shoulders with a stoop because of it. I just look, well, awkward with an unruly mop of curly black hair that has a mind of its own. "Hey, Ben," she said cheerily, "Me and the girls were wondering if you're up for a little get together this evening. Well, at least I wouldn't be stuck in front of the tv tonight.*It had gone seven and our little arrangement was in full swing as the beer flowed and the fried chicken, grilled sausages, spaghetti and fries disappeared. The lights were dim and soft music played from the speakers. She turned to Angie who looked shocked as Ruth pulled my cock out of her mouth and shoved it in her general direction."You're kidding?!Ruth has two grand kids, I've got one on the way and Sharon got all sensible and kicked her old man out."I smiled at that. And here I was sat drinking wine and eating cherry and apple pie with three mature women who had been complete strangers only a few hours ago. Not having a girlfriend around to sort out that issue was a problem and I wasn't exactly the sort of guy to go hide in the bedroom and wank himself silly to ease the ache in the old ball sack. Well, at least the couple of times I'd tried it with that girl from college a few months back. Sharon just got another divorce cheque in the mail and wants to celebrate. We were all sat in Angie's sitting room with the three of them together on the sofa and yours truly parked in a fireside chair. All in all, I was as mellow as fuck and just sat back enjoying listening to the stories they told. " she blurted out before she swallowed me down again just as number four bathed her tonsils in a smaller amount of thinning gloop.I blushed slightly as it suddenly occurred to me that they were all kind of, uh, hot. That was turning out to be the real problem and easier said than done. Someone to love me back and have sex with a couple of times per week. Holy shit, I must sound like a big kid talking like that even if what I said was true. It was then Angie dropped the bombshell."Ben," she began, "The reason Ruth asked you about all this is that we all want to ask you something. And we needed to be sure what we were going to ask you is the right thing to do. She eased her head back so that only the tip of my penis was still in her mouth which she caressed lovingly with her tongue. The muscles in my ass were starting to tighten and I suddenly realized that all three women were still fully clothed. They were in for a big surprise when I did as it would be like a fire hose going off.

As that thought crossed my mind, I gave my head a shake. I had dipped my wick once and got burned pretty bad. I am really easy to please."We just wanted to say hello and to tell you not to be afraid to get in touch if you need anything while you're settling into your new place. Your Aunt kept this place spick and span." said Angie as I slipped the key into the lock and pushed open the door putting my suitcase and laptop inside. Talking to girls was just the worst, most excruciating, ordeal for someone like me. And yet, here I was, in a room with three of them - just older versions."You don't seem to be having any problems talking to us," she replied as she took a sip of her drink and looked at me over the rim of her glass. " said Sharon who was staring at me hard as if she was figuring out what sort of man I was. Way to go lame brain, "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so patronizing."Ruth, who was sat in the middle of the trio, reached forward and put her glass on the coffee table in front of her. That would be yours truly, Benjamin Ward, sat there all wide eyed with fright. If you had said you had a girlfriend, this conversation would not be happening as we respect and value your friendship now that you've moved in and lived next to us."She took a sip of her drink and licked her lips. In that time, we've come to know and understand each other very well. It was Ruth who came up with the solution to me not ruining their outfits with a load of sticky jizz. Suddenly, all hell broke loose and I started to ejaculate real hard.

All three of them were exceedingly happy with their lot. "Oh hush, divorce is the best thing that ever happened to me. Took a good few years before I saw the light and realized that my life needed a kick up its ass." She pointed her glass at her friends. We all got through our various little adventures and mishaps together. We trusted each other and always knew we'd be there for each other. This would be my first night away from my parent's house and the thought became quite sobering. To my surprise, both their heads turned suddenly in my general direction and I quickly stepped back from the window so they wouldn't see me. After our initial little get together last week, they had all gone their separate ways later that evening. We all got on famously and we arranged to do it all again as soon as possible. When I looked out of the window again, I saw that Sharon had joined them and they were laughing and joking about something or other. It was then I saw Angie heading straight towards me and I ran like a blue arsed fly into the bedroom to jerk on a pair of old jeans just as she knocked on the door. ""Awesome," she smiled, "We're gonna cook up a storm so don't eat anything before then! She took a deep breath and coughed as she ran her fingers around her lips to make sure any spunk hadn't slipped out.

One thing that I found slightly odd was that there were no men - or women, come to that - in their lives. It felt like I had taken a really big step into a whole new world. As usual, I was up and about wandering around in nothing but a t-shirt and boxers deciding when I should start work. They had been exceptionally good company and spent their time teasing me in a "when I was your age" kind of way. But there was something not quite right about the situation and I couldn't put my finger on why. I opened it to find her standing there with a big grin on her face. I had no plans and my deadline wasn't due for another couple of days. " She ran back to the other girls who both waved at me. Ruth took the third blast like a trooper and blinked as her mouth was filled to the brim. " she grunted as she realized there was still a decent amount of baby making stuff left in the old testicles.

It was part of a larger neighborhood made up mostly of elderly retirees or widows/widowers who wanted nothing more than to enjoy the quiet life while doing a bit of gardening. I worked from home and the peace and quiet were exactly what I was looking for as I had already made plans to move out from my parent's place. All I know is you were her favorite and if she was going to leave it to anyone, it would be you."And she had. Always front foot forward and doing things to keep her busy. Ruth looked to be slightly older than Angie and she had this awesome halo of jet black hair which she had pulled back tight from her face and twisted it into a long ponytail that curled down to her waist. "Including your Aunt Barbra, who we all loved dearly and miss her every single day."My Aunt Barbra?!! She would let me pop out of her mouth every now and then so she could draw breath before going down on me again.

At the age of twenty, I figured it was time to bail out of the family nest and find my own way in life. Over the years, she was always the one who came to visit us and it was a rare trip when it was the other way around. She had these amazing blue eyes that were well set into a classically defined face with a pert nose and full rosy lips. Her impressive bust was heaving and I dreamily wondered what her bare tits would look like.

I figured I needed to show my appreciation in some way."Um, if you're interested," I said, turning to the three of them watching me as I stood there rubbing my hands together nervously, "Ah, I'd like to invite you around later for a drink or two. I mean, we can leave it until another time.."All three shook their heads at once. We'd love to come over and have a bit of a gossip.""We'd love to, Ben. A look that I missed as I blinked at the blonde woman in the tight jeans. Other than the uh," I gulped, feeling myself blushing like an over ripe prune, "The uh, you know, thingy."Geez, Ben. Maybe I should call it a night and high tail it out of town. What she said next had me firmly stuck to my chair in surprise."What about that thing," she asked. She was closest to me and I sort of warily inched back in my chair."Ruth asked if you missed the sex with your girlfriend."Sex? " Then she looked at Sharon who was already licking her lips expectantly. Angie spluttered but kept her lips firmly wrapped around my shooting member.