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I know my dd would love a sibling, I can just picture her face if and when we tell her she is going to be a big sister, and the more time goes on I don't want her to be an only child. After a long history of PCOS, fibroids and unprotected sex with my ex for 6 years, I conceived my daughter when I was 33. It's up to you really, you can google all the stats, I'm sure you already have, but as above - you cannot know until it happens. It may take longer trying to conceive, baby may or may not be fine.

Hi I am looking for some opinions or experience shares.

I will be 42 in October and I think I want baby no2 but really worried about the risks now that I have crossed the 40 mark! DD is nearly 5 1/2 and I have not really worried about her being an only child until now, until my time has nearly run out I suppose. What advise/support is there out there to help me decide what to do?

Genetic risks are actually more dependent on the age of the father - so you can always get yourself a toyboy hehehe. Only 20 years ago 40 was old and people looked old, life span was shorter, nowadays 40 isn't old at all, I know 50 year old who look about 30.

Hi again kelly ,,, i had a scan at 7 wks as i was under the fertility clinic they asked for it ,, then another at 12 wks and then 20 wks and 28 wks and all is good ,,, from beginning of my pg ive been under consultant who ive got to say is really good ,,, he asked my midwife to check my blood pressure every 2 wks as after i had my last son it went up and ive been on blood pressure tablets ever since ,,,so he wanted to keep a good watch on it ,, as apparently babys born to mums who are takein blood pressure tablets can occasionally have smaller babys ,,,, ny blood pressure is nothing to do with my age tho as after last prg i had lots of tests and it was put down to the fact that the same thing happened to my mum after my brother was born,,our baby is adverage size for my dates not too big or small ,, i have another midwife appointment on thursday ,, then another growth scan week after ,, at my last scan baby was breeach but this can happen to anyone so has nothing to do with my age ,,,, consultant has said if im still breeach at my last scan at 36 wks i will have to have c section ,,, the care i have received so far i cannot fault at all it has been so good i couldnt have asked for better ,,, x Hi Kelly, Know exactly where you are coming from.

I am exactly one year behind you as I will be 41 in October but my worries are growing day by day.